2021 i4 Competition

February 17, 2021 10am - 4pm EST



The I4 Challenge is a high school level data-driven competition run by students at the University of Waterloo. The name comes from what is known as the fourth industrial revolution, involving the computerization of manufacturing and increase in big data and analytics.


We take teams of 3-5 students through part of a manufacturing process, analyzing a section of the production line. Teams will be provided information from the line and will be asked to use an engineering approach to analyze the process, layout, and efficiency. They will then prepare a short report with their analysis for how the plant management can be improved.


Through our one-day competition, you will be tested on your analytical, time management and optimization skills, through which you will learn how to work on engineering cases, manage your time well under pressure and create quality solutions using engineering principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the competition?

The I4 competition will be held on February 17, 2021.

Where is the competition hosted?

The competition is based out of Waterloo but is run virtually. Teams will participate at their own high schools.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams of 4 are recommended, but teams can have 3-5 members.

Can a school have more than one team?

Yes, provided the teams do not share information or work together in any way.

Do I need to be in a certain grade to participate?

The competition is open to students in grades 11 & 12.

I am a teacher, how do I sign up a team of students?

To sign up a team, please complete the form here.

I am a high school student, how do I sign up?

Students interested in participating in the competition should first get in touch with a teacher who would be willing to act as a supervisor. Your teacher supervisor must register your team here.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please contact our outreach team at industry4team@uwaterloo.ca with any questions.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there are no fees to participate in the competition.

Is there a prize?

Yes! However, the exact prizing is to be determined. We will update you once it is finalized.

What skills will I gain from this competition?

This competition focuses on process improvement through data analytics. It provides an opportunity for you to develop your problem solving, analytical, Excel, and data analysis skills, among others. While these skills are exceptionally important in engineering, they are also invaluable in many other disciplines.

What is Management Engineering?

Management Engineering is the study and analysis of complex systems with the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness. In many ways it could be seen as the industrial engineering of the future, going beyond traditional settings to impact all areas of the business. From process improvement to software development, project management, operations research, data science, and more, Management Engineers are well rounded and highly successful in diverse fields.

When will the winners be announced?

TBD; We'll be sure to update everyone when it's confirmed.

How can a UW student join the Industry 4.0 design team?

Please contact our outreach team at industry4team@uwaterloo.ca with your name, contact info, and what you can contribute to the team, and we'll be in touch! Resumes are appreciated but not required.

My company is interested in sponsoring Industry 4.0, how do we go about that?

Please contact us here. We are currently seeking financial sponsorship and industry professionals willing to act as team advisors.

Our Team (2021)

Fahmida Tanveer


Jillian Exconde


Thomas Mastantuono

Tech Lead

Karthik Prasad

Tech Lead

Adam Huang

R&D Lead

Emma Lin

Marketing Lead

Suvaena Laventhiran

Marketing Lead

Geerthika Senthilmanoharan

R&D Lead

Caitlan Krasinski

Marketing Lead

Aiden Wong

PR Lead

Gogilan Selvarajah

PR Lead


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